Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Beaded Affair

An Affair You’ll Remember!

Who is the hard working, energetic designer behind “A Beaded Affair”, no other than my friend and fellow eSMArts Team member, Lois Matthews. Lois is a Daughter, Mother, Wife, Realtor, Title Insurance Agent, and outstanding Jewelry Designer.

makes stunning jewelry designs, she combines high quality metals and gemstones to create a piece of art, art that will surely become heirlooms. Her work features the unusual, bold, feminine, and classic but always wearable designer pieces.

Lois is a special lady providing much guidance and support to the eSMArts Team, and its members. Always being available to help in all ways, giving of herself and her very valuable time.

Why not visit “A Beaded Affair’s” Etsy shop and see her stunning jewelry designs, hard to find 1/2 Round and Square Copper Wire in 18 and 20 gauge, Copper Findings, and fine gemstone beads.

Lois has a wonderful blog and website where she has featured many of the eSMArts team members, and as always provides the “play it forward” concept.
For she is a true Team Player and my dear friend.


ChezChani said...

An incisive wrap-up of a fine designer. Lois, you are an artist!!

wilmas whimseys said...

A great write up of a great artist, friend and team member. Love your work both Jill and Lois

A Beaded Affair said...

Jill, this really doesn't happen often, but I am speechless and very honored. Thank you very much.

willow said...

Jill!!! What an awesome write up about Lois!! You are very generous and talented.


Studio618 said...

What a multi-talented artist/professional. She is one of my favorites.

Kicking Bear said...

Good job, Jill on writing about a fine artistic jewelry designer.
We can all understand the complex nature of Lois a little better now.

Anna Lee H. in Toronto said...

Great feature Jill! And I love the pics. Thanks for spreading the love....
~Anna Lee