Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is a Jewelry Geek?

A Jewelry Geek is someone aspiring to learn various jewelry making techniques.

Jewelry Geeks.Com is a site that promotes and supports the field of jewelry and metal arts. Artists can create and manage their own virtual studio, setup a photo gallery, add videos, subscribe to or create there own group(s), chat with other members, express creativity, find inspiration, learn new techniques, view and post classifieds, all this and SO much more!

Jewelry Geeks is a site for beginners to advanced artists with absolutely no membership fees or restrictions. A social portal created to give people who are interested in learning various techniques of jewelry making, a place to network with many artisans of all skill levels and backgrounds.

A great place to browse around, or sign up and start meeting others who share the same interests.

You'll find the latest in internet trends all rolled into one site! JewelryGeeks is the ONLY Social Network for Jewelry & Metal Artists in the world!



Betty BeadBug said...

I love jewelry geeks! Perfectly Twisted clued me in and I have been enjoying it ever since. I am definitely a jewelry geek...used my holiday gift certificates to buy some new beading books. Here's to learning all the things I have been hoping to in the new year! Hope you had a very happy holidays and a wish you a lovely new year.

Dana said...

I'm a jewelry geek!@

jonwen45 said...

Yes, I a very much of a jewelry geek!! And proud of it!!!!

A Beaded Affair said...

I have to agree, I love being over at Jewelry Geeks. Lots of fun, good people and such inspiration.